As a UK registered non-profit making association, we maintain our professional status within the international community.  Our members are leading the way around the world working within national and international organisations. 


A New website will be released in December 2020, with some great new benefits to our members.  With a new modern look and friendly interface we look forward to you visiting our new website this December.


Please Note: Membership applications are now closed to December 2020. This is due to new professional membership grades that have been recommended by its members and board of Directors as future membership criteria. Make sure you visit us again in December and join us online as a new member and enjoy the new improved ISQEM.

 Professional Membership

New Professional Membership Grades:  

Affiliated Member

Certified PractiItioner (ISQEM - CP)  

Certified Fellow (FISQEM - CP)

Membership Certificates will only be issued in future for individuals who register for Certifed Practitioner grades as stated above.  

Company Membership

ISQEM are promoting  good health, safety and environmental standards  worldwide. We can help in raising your company profile within your industry. In addition we offer a great range of  support benefits available only to company members.  

Company Membership is Free

Become part of a leading International Safety Quality Environment Management Association.

ISQEM  is fully international with thousands of members from across the world including UK, USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, India, Middle East, Far East, and South America. Who have joined together to ensure that the three main key areas of management Safety, Quality and Environment are being raised and improved globally.


International Safety Quality Environment Management Association (ISQEM) 2020