International Safety Quality Environment Management Association

The only choice for professional trainers and training centres. 

Make the best investment in 2020, by registering as trainer with ISQEM and establishing you approved ISQEM training centre.You will benefit from a range of uniquely developed courses for the international Safety, Quality and Environment management profession.

Our courses allow ISQEM registered trainers to deliver top quality courses to delegates worldwide. Increase your financial revenue with a range of certificated courses and help make your business a profitable success.

Our examination and training support materials have been developed for the international HSQE professional, which means they are adaptable for the local market, whether you are training in the Far East, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Africa or America.

The following sections explain how to go about registering as an Approved Training Centre, or a Registered Trainer with ISQEM. Make your move now to change your future  and increase your profits in the training industry.

Training centres – including higher education colleges or private training centres who administer training and development courses.  If you are a training centre and wish to register with ISQEM, you need simply to complete the training centre registration form 

ISQEMA Accredited Courses

ISQEM accredited courses are highly valued by organisations because they;

• Meet international standards for OHS knowledge and skills

• Meet requirements in health and safety, quality and environmental protection and developed by practicing professionals within these fields

• Helps to improve safety, quality, environmental performance within the workplace and society in general.

• Provide an international training framework that is easy to adapt to your specific country, industry or company needs and expectations.

• Ensure continual professional development (CPD) is maintained.

The ISQEM certification service for your own independent courses

ISQEM Certification of Courses

It is now possible to have you own courses reviewed by ISQEM for certification purposes. The International Safety Quality Environment Management Association (ISQEM) offer the following services to independent training organisations and corporate bodies.

Third-Party Training Course Certification

Have your training delivery packs checked by an independent third party organisation. The benefits of this certification service include;

• Your training packs are third party checked on an annual basis by accredited lead auditors of ISQEM.

• The certification reports identify errors and omissions, and recommendations to allow you to make the necessary corrective actions amendments.

• Receive guidance on presentation of material, content, and codes of practice.

• Use of the ISQEM logo on your training delivery packs promotional literature, websites, course notes, and training certificates.

If you are a trainer, you need to register with us for each subject you wish to deliver, in order to make sure that you meet the criteria needed. In addition, you will need to work through a approved training centre in order to deliver training for ISQEM qualifications.  If you are a trainer and wish to register with ISQEM, you need to complete the trainer's registration form 

ISQEM Trainer and Centre Charters

Approved trainers and training centres will receive the ISQEM Trainer or ISQEM Centre Charter and professional agreement, setting out the quality principles to be followed in delivering ISQEM qualifications in line with the high standards required by the International Safety Quality Environment Management Association.

Certification Logos

All approved training packs and course material may bear the ISQEM Certification Logo as a mark of certification and showing the status of the training establishment.

Apply now to become a ISQEM registered trainer or approved training centre by completing the appropriate application forms or email: for further information.

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